Swag Bucks 101

A HUGE thanks to Jessica's Coupons for letting me use her blog post "Swag Bucks: A How To Guide (Start Earning FREE GIFT CARDS)" to inform my readers of the amazing Swag Bucks program! She really breaks everything down for us and makes it easier to understand! Let's face it, making a little extra cash should to be FUN...not confusing and time consuming!


My absolute favorite way to earn Free Gift Cards is with Swag Bucks! The best part is- I did not have to change anything I wasn't already doing, I just had to change where I was doing it!

What is Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks is a search engine that offers you the chance to win cool prizes every time you do an internet search. It works like Google- actually it is powered by Google! So, if you know how to do a Google Search you won't have any problems using Swag Bucks for your internet searches.

What are Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks are a type of virtual currency (like frequent flyer miles). The more you search the internet, the more you'll earn. They are awarded randomly and the amounts vary. Some searches will win you $0, others will win you $10, $20, $30 or more in Swag Bucks.

Redeeming Your Swag Bucks
You can cash your Swag Bucks in at the Swag Store for all kinds of cool prizes: Gift Cards (Starbucks, PayPal, Target, Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes & more), Electronics, Apparel and more. Personally, I always choose to purchase the Amazon Gift e-Cards with my SwagBucks.(A $5 Amazon e-Card will cost you 450 SwagBucks.)

When you go to the Swag Store, the prize categories are listed, and within each category you will see the Swag Price of eacg prize. Once you have enough Swag Bucks to redeem the prize you want, you just select your prize and confirm your personal info (email address, shipping address etc.) Then a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Just open the email, click on the confirmation link and within 7-14 days your prize will post to your account. Once it posts, you will be able to redeem your e-Gift Card immedialty. If you choose a physical "plastic Gift Card" or another "physical" prize- just check your mail box- it should arrive within a couple weeks unless otherwise indicated.

Ways to Earn

There are several ways to earn Swag Bucks- the easiest way is for your internet searches. Let say you wanted to search for "Sassy Savers". You would type Sassy Savers in the search bar and it would bring up the possible sites. Sometimes you will not earn anything for your search and other times you will earn Swag Bucks. It is random.

When you earn Swag Bucks for your interent searches those are automatically credited to your account as long as you are signed in. If you are not signed in, a box will pop up asking that you sign in so you can claim your prize.

There are other ways to earn Swag Bucks such as, doing special offers, shopping, and referring your friends. Those information and links are all on the Swag Bucks home page. Once you have figured out the meat and potatoes of using Swag Bucks, you can click on the links to find other creative ways to earn more Swag Bucks.

Swag Bucks Tool Bar

I highly recommend that you download and use the Free Swag Bucks Tool Bar, otherwise you will have to return to the Swag Bucks Home Page every time you want to do a search that could earn you Swag Bucks (which will get tediuos). Once you download the tool bar, it will be conveniently located below your address bar for easy access.

Another perk to adding the Swag Bucks Tool Bar is the Swag Codes released on the tool bar from time to time. These codes are time sensitive. Once you find the code, just copy the code and go to the Swag Bucks Home Page. Then paste the code in to the box that says "Swag Code" then hit the "GIMME" button. If you have entered a valid code before it expires the Swag Bucks will be added to your account. These Swag Codes vary in amounts; however, once you enter an accepted code it will let you know the amount you have earned for entering the code.

You can also refer your friends and you'll earn buck for buck what they earn up to a $1,000 swag bucks. 

 My Swag Bucks

I use my swagbucks to snag $5 Amazon.com gift cards. It only takes 450 Swag Bucks (they add up fast!) I then use those gift cards along with coupon codes and the Amazon Mom program (IT's FREE to join and gets you 30% off diapers and wipes with Subscribe & Save delivery, exclusive discounts, and FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime benefits.)
 You can save up all of your Amazon Gift Cards to score just about anything you want (even a Nintendo Wii &/or Wii Fit) for *Free.* I don't do that, though, because I like saving a ton on my baby girl's diapers =) But remember, Amazon Gift Cards are just ONE of the many, many gift card and other prize options you can choose.

So if you are interested in earning Free Stuff here is what you do:

To Get Started:

Step 1: Go HERE to Sign-up
(You'll Get $30 Swag Bucks just for registering)

Step 2: Create an account which involves filling in 8 boxes
(takes about a minute)

Step 3: Go ahead and download the toolbar. You just pick the one for your Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera)

Step 4: Start Searching and Winning!