Monday, February 28, 2011

CVS Trip 2/28!! Spent $6.58, Saved $65.96!! That's 91% Saved!!

I used the coupon matchup's found in the post HERE. I didn't print my PLAN and take it with me so I tried to remember what it was. Here is the picture of everything I got today!
I was so excited because I really needed some febreeze and a Swiffer refill so I can mop. I was completely out! So all the other stuff was just icing on the cake!! Okay so here is the breakdown for ya! Remember I had $4 ECB's from last week to start with!
1st transaction:
(2) Crest Toothpaste ($3.29, get $3.29 ECB's, limit 2)
-use (2)
  • -$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, PG 2/27
  • -$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
  • -$1 off Crest toothpaste, PG 1/16 (EXP 02/28)
-Use $4 ECB
Paid $1.17, got $6.58 ECB's, and $1 ECB for using my green bag and scanning my tag!

2nd Transaction:
(1) Gillette Proglide razor ($9.99, get $4 ECB's, Limit 1)
(2) Kashi TLC Products ($3, Buy 2, get $2 ECB's)
-use $4/1 Gillette ProGlide razor PG 1/30/11(exp 2/28/2011)
-use (2) $2/1 Kashi Product Recycle Bank printables HERE 
-used $6.58 in ECB's
-used $1 ECB received for using green bag and tag!
Paid $1.76 plus tax, got $6 ECB's ($4, $2)

3rd transaction:
(2) Oral B Crossaction power toothbrush 1 ct ($6, get $3, Limit 2)
Used-BOGO free Oral B CrossAction Power Battery Toothbrush PG 1/30/2011 (exp 2/28/2011)
Used-$3/1 Oral-B Power Brush PG 2/27/11
-use $3/1 Oral B MQ (off the one you are paying for)
-use $2 ECB's
Pay $2.08, got $6 ECB's (and I still have the $4 from 2nd trans.)

4th transaction:
(2) Folgers Coffee, $2.50
(1) Wet Jet Multi Purpose Cleaner, $3.99
(1) Febreeze Fabric Refresher, $4.99
(2) ValVaentines chocolate bars ($.38 ea.) to make up for $.50 so I could use all of my ECB's!
Used (1) 
  • -$1 off Febreze Fabric Refresher, P&G Home Mailer, Organize in Style home mailer
  • -$1 off Febreze Fabric Refresher, PG 2/27

-used (2) $1.50/1 ANY Folgers Printable
-use $.50/1 Swiffer Refills
-used $10 ECB's ($6, $4)
Paid $1.57!! 

So for 2 crest toothpastes, 2 oral b battery toothbrushes, 2 folgers coffees (11 oz.), 1 Kashi cereal, 1 Kashi granola bars, (2) Valentines hershey's bars, 1 febreeze fabric refresher, 1 swiffer wet jet refill, and 1 gillette razor, I paid $6.58 including taxes!!! CVS ROCKS!!

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Publix Ad with coupon matchup's is up! YAY!

 Go HERE to I Heart Publix to get the coupon matchup's for Publix Weekly Ad 3/2 – 3/8!! 
Thanks, iheartpublix!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Publix Ad Sneek Peak March 2-8!

Here is the ad!  The coupon matchup's will be up soon!

New York Style Bagel Chips, 6-9oz, BOGO $2.69

Chef Boyardee Pasta, (Excluding Big, Jumbo, Overstuffed, & Whole Grain) 14.5-15oz can, BOGO $1.53

Nathan’s Beef Franks, 16oz pkg, BOGO $5.49

Crystal Light Drink Mix, or Tea Mix, 10 or 12qt cnstr., BOGO $4.13
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, or Instant Multigrain Hot cereal, 10.1-16.2oz box, BOGO $4.09

Prego 100% Italian Sauce, or Meat Sauce, 23.5-24oz jar, BOGO $2.59
Pasta Roni, or Rice-A-Roni, 3.5-7.2oz box, BOGO $1.69

Uncle Bens Rice, Boil-in-Bag, Enriched Long Grain or Brown Whole Grain, or Fast Cooking, 14-15.8oz box, BOGO $2.29

Quaker Cereal, Cap’N Crunch 16.8-22oz, Life 21oz, or Squares 16oz, BOGO $5.07

Ken’s Steak House Dressing, 16oz bot, BOGO $3.29

Duke’s Mayonnaise, or Whipped Salad Dressing, 32oz jar, BOGO $3.99

Bumble Bee Premium Tuna, Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 4pk 5oz can, BOGO $3.89
Skippy Peanut Butter, 15-16.3oz jar, BOGO $2.57

Powerade Sports Drink, 8pk 20oz bot, BOGO $5.85

Hormel Compleats Dish, or Dinty Moore or Chi-Chi’s Fiesta Plates, 10oz bowl, BOGO $2.49
College Inn Broth, 32oz ctn., BOGO $2.49

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, 12-19.8oz box or 30oz jar, BOGO $5.07

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, or Ritz Bits Sandwiches or Munchables Pretzel Thins or Crisps, 9.5-16oz box, BOGO $3.79

Nature’s Own Bread, 100% Whole Wheat, 20oz loaf, BOGO $2.93
Entenmann’s Little Bites, 8.25-8.8oz box, BOGO $4.29

Mars Chocolate Bars Variety Pack, 18ct box, BOGO $11.99

Ruffles Potato Chips, 8.5-10oz bag (Excluding Baked, Light, and Natural), BOGO $3.99

Thomas English Muffins, 11-13oz pkg, BOGO $3.69
Kraft Bagels-Fuls, 10oz box, BOGO $2.50

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!, Spread 15oz or 2pk 7.5oz tub, 16oz box, or 10oz bot or Spray 8oz bot, BOGO $3.29

Boca Meatless Burgers, or Veggin or Chick’n’Patties, or Ground Crumbles, 10-12oz pkg., BOGO $3.53

Stouffer’s Easy Express Skillets Meals, 22-25oz bag (Excluding Sautes for Two) BOGO $5.15

Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich, 6 or 9ct, 24-30oz pkg, BOGO $4.49

Healthy Choice Premium Bars, or Sandwiches, 15-24oz ctn., BOGO $3.99

Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits or Snacks, 22-26oz pkg., BOGO $3.79

Gorton’s Shrimp Temptations, or Premium Fish Fillets or Sticks, 10.5-17.2oz pkg, BOGO $7.73

Old Orchard 100% Juice, 12oz can, BOGO $1.50

Aunt Jemima Waffles, 10ct 12.3oz box, BOGO $2.15

Tai Pei Entrees, 12-14.2oz box, BOGO $2.99

Resolve Spray’n Wash Laundry Stain Remover, 12-22oz bot, or Stain Stick, 3oz stick, BOGO $2.99

Halls Cough Drops, 30ct bag (Excluding Halls Defense), BOGO $1.65

8-Pack Selected Pepsi Products, 12oz bot, BOGO $3.99

Planters Halves and Pieces Cashews, or Mixed Nuts, 16 or 17oz can, BOGO $6.19


Carrot Bar or Red Velvet Cake, 16-19oz, $4.99

Muffins, 4ct 10oz pkg, Apple Bran, Raisin Bran, Blueberry, corn or Carrot, $2.59

Assorted Donuts 4ct , 8-14oz pkg, $2.29

Assorted Hoagie Rolls 4ct, 11oz pkg, $2.29

Deli Style Rye Bread, 16oz loaf, $3.19

Publix Italian Five Grain Bread, 16oz loaf, $2.99


Dannon Activia Yogurt, 4pk 4oz cup, 3/$6

JellO Gelatin Snacks, 6ct 2.3-4oz cup or 11.75oz cup, 3/$6

Pillsbury Rolls, or Breadsticks, Pizza Crust or Loaf, 8 – 13.9oz can, 3/$6

Nestle Coffee-mate Flavored Creamer 32oz bot, (Excluding Non-Dairy Creamers) 2/$5

Publix Chunk Cheese, or Shredded, 8oz pkg, 2/$4
Kraft American Cheese Singles, 12oz pkg., 2/$5


Boar’s Head EverRoast Chicken Breast, $7.19/lb

Publix Deli Large Turkey Cobb Salad, $5.39 (Boars Head $5.69)

Publix Deli 2-Piece Chicken Dinner, $3.99

Publix Deli Domestic Brie Cheese, $7.99/lb

Boar’s Head EverRoast Whole Sub, $6.99


Edy’s Ice Cream, 15qt ctn, 2/$7

Lean Cuisine Entrees, 6-12.5oz pkg, 4/$10

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Pizza, 12 or 12.4 oz box, $3.99

PF Chang’s Home Menu Perfect for Two Meal, 22oz pkg, $6.99


Kelloggs Special K Cereal, 11.4-14oz box, Low Fat Granola 19.5oz box, or Special K Bars or Fruit Crisps 4.4-4.86oz box, 2/$5

Maxwell House Ground Coffee, 31.5-34.5oz can, $6.99

Maxwell House 100% Colombian or Decaffeinated Coffee, 31.5-33oz can, $7.99

Capri Sun Juice Drink Blend, 10ct 6oz pkg, (Excluding 100% Juice 10 pk), 3/$6

Campbell’s Condensed Soup or Soup at Hand, 10.5-11.5oz can or 10.75oz cup, or Ready to Serve Bowl 15.4oz bowl (Excluding Won Ton, Cream of Shrimp, and Qyster Stew), 10/$10

Selected Coca-Cola Products, 2L bot., B2G1

Monster Energy Drink, 4pk 16oz can, $4.99

NOS Energy Drink, 4pk 16oz can $4.99

Aquafina Pure Water, 24pk 16.9oz bot, $3.99

12-Pack Selected Pepsi Products, 12oz can, B2G1

Assorted Keebler Cookies, 6.6-18oz pkg (Excluding 12ct Keebler, Gripz and Right Bites Multipacks), 2/$5

Gatorade Thirst Quencher, Recover, Prime, 4oz pouch or 16.9 or 32oz bot, 10/$10
Lipton Tea, 12pk 16.9oz bot, 2/$10

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 8.4-8.7oz box, 3/$6

Nabisco Oreo Cookies, 5pk 26oz box, or Chips Ahoy! Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, Family Size, 24oz box, $3.99

Kraft Velveeta Cheese Product, 32oz box, $4.99


Publix GreenWise Bathroom Tissue, 12roll pkg, $5.49

Bounty Paper Towels, 6roll pkg, $6.49

Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, 13gal, 65 or 78ct pkg, $8.99

Small Swiffer Cloths Refills, 12-16ct box, Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaners, 42.2oz bot or Disposable Dusters, 3-5ct box, 2/$8

3M Micro Allergen Reduction Filter, $9.99

3M Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter, $13.99

Publix GreenWise Market Charcoal, 8.8lb bag, $4.99

Dixie Value Pack Plates or Cups, Soak Proof Shield Plates 8 5/8in or Ultra 10 1/16in, 40 or 100ct pkg, or 16 oz Plastic Party Cups 68ct, $3.49

Dixie Napkins, 320ct, $2.69

Ultra Downy Fabric Softener, 62-77 bot, $6.99

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, Gel or Powder 75oz pkg, or ActionPacs 16or 20ct pkg, (Excluding Cascade Complete), $3.99

Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner, 48oz bot, $2.49
Soft Scrub Cleanser, 23-28.6oz bot, 2/$5

Cloroz Clean-Up Cleaner, 32oz bot, or Disinfecting bathroom Cleaner 30oz bot, 2/$5

Tide Detergent, 100oz bot, $10.99

Crest Toothpaste, 4.2, 6.2, or 8.2oz tube, 2/$5
Charmin Bathroom Tissue, 6-12roll, $6.49


Pantene Pro-V Hair Products, 1.7-13.5oz pkg, $3.39

Pantene Pro-V, 25.4oz bot or Head and Shoulders, 23.7oz bot, $5.99

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razors or Venus Embrace Razors, $8.49

Olay Facial Cleansers, or Olay Age Defying or Active or Complete Lotions or Creams, .5-7.2oz or 30 or 33ct pkg, $1.50 off

Covergirl Foundation, or Concealer, or Pressed Power or Blush, .04-1oz pkg, $2.00 off

Tampax Tampons 40ct box, or Always Pads 20-44ct pkg, or Always Liners 80ct box, $5.39
Citracal Calcium Citrate, 60-200ct pkg, 30% off

Aleve Pain Medicine, 20-24ct box, $2.99

Visine Eye Drops, 15ml box (Excluding Visine Lasting Relief, Totality, and Tired Eyes), $3.49

Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer, 20mg 42ct box, $24.99

Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash, 7.5oz bot, 2/$3


Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts, or Yogurt Blends, or Bars, Snacks, or Juice Treats, -
1-6oz pkg, or 4ct pkg 2/$5)

Gerber 2nd Foods, 2pk 3.5oz cont (Excluding Organic and DHA Varieties) 10/$9


Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, $6.99/lb
Ground Round, $3.69/lb

Ground Round Patties, $3.99/lb

Boneless Shoulder Roast, $3.69/lb

Boneless Shoulder Steaks, $3.99/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets, $3.99/lb

Publix Greenwise Chicken Fillets, $5.99/lb

Eye-Round Roast, $3.69/lb

Eye Round Steaks, $3.99/lb

Sirloin Tri-Tip Roast, $5.69/lb

Sirloin Tri-Tip Steaks, $5.99/lb

Pork Spareribs, $2.49/lb

Pork Spareribs, (Sliced), $2.79/lb

Assorted Pork Chops, 7-9 Chops per Package, $1.99/lb

Publix Fully Cooked Entrees, 17-18oz pkg, $4.99

Bob Evan Side Dishes, 12-24oz pkg, 2/$6

Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, 16oz pkg, 2/$7

Publix Extra Thin-Sliced Lunch Meats, 9oz tub, 2/$6

Kraft Sliced Extra Thin Swiss, 8oz pkg, 2/$5

Oscar Mayer Center Cut Sliced Bacon, 12oz pkg, 2/$8


Large Shrimp Skewers, 2oz minimum, 10/$10

Snow Crab Clusters, $6.99/lb

Fresh Salmon Fillets, $9.99/lb

Redbone Alley Seafood Aioli’s, 10oz bot, $2.99

Fresh Swordfish Steaks, 5.6oz, $8.99

Medium Florida Pink Shrimp, 41-50/lb, $6.99/lb

Publix Seafood Soups, 10oz tub, 2/$7


Pedigree Complete Nutrition Dog Food, 30.1 or 32lb bag, $16.99
Publix Cat Food, 3.5lb bag, 2/$6

Purina One Adult Dog Food, 4lb bag, 2/$10

Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, 2oz pkg, 5/$5


Idaho Potatoes, 5lb bag, $2.99

Golden Ripe Pineapple, $2.99

Red Seedless Grapes, $1.69/lb

Florida Strawberries, 16oz pkg, 3/$5
Blueberries, 1pt pkg, $2.99

Cantaloupes, 2/$4

Mini Red Seedless Watermelon, $2.99

Fuji Apples, $1.49/lb

Peaches or Nectarines, $1.99/lb

Fresh Attitude Salad, 6oz pkg, 2/$4

Publix Baby Cut and Peeled Carrots, 16oz bag, 4/$5

White Mushrooms, 16oz pkg, $2.69

Florida Natural Orange Juice, 59oz ctn, 2/$5


$5.00 off one Gerber Good Start Infant Formula Powder, 24-25.7oz cnstr.
Free Pampers Wipes 60-72ct tub, With the purchase of One Pampers Box Diapers

Thanks !

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

L@@K What I Got In The Mail Today!

I just received my Philly Dinnertime Dilemma 
package in the mail!! 
Now if I could just choose from all the Uh-Mazing recipes!! Can't wait to host my party!!
The FREE party pack includes:

For Hosts:
•4 gratuity coupons for New PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme
•1 GreenPan™ Signature Stainless Steel skillet
•1 GreenPan™ Signature Stainless Steel skillet pamphlet
•1 PHILLY Cooking Creme Oven Mitt

For Hosts and Guests:
•16 PHILLY Cooking Creme coupons
•16 PHILLY Cooking Creme recipe booklets
•16 PHILLY Cooking Creme notepads
•16 PHILLY Cooking Creme magnets
•16 PHILLY Cooking Creme cooking spoons
•16 HSN $10 off $50 purchase coupons

Here is a list of the current parties that YOU can apply to host! Click on the ones that you are interested in applying for. Good Luck! :-)

AARP Celebrate Life @ 50 House Party

These aren't open yet but will be coming soon:

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AT Season's Peak--$1 off Florida Strawberries at Publix!


Go HERE to print a Publix Coupon good for $1 off ONE 16 oz. package Strawberries with purchase of (2) 7 oz. Reddi Wip whipped cream. 

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Friday, February 25, 2011

*FREE* sample of Costco's Kirkland diapers NO MEMBERSHIP # REQUIRED!!

Go HERE to sign up to get YOUR Free sample of their Kirkland diapers. No Costco membership number is required.

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*HOT* CVS Deals 2/27-3/5! Look what all $3.48 plus tax will get!!!!!

Southern Savers has the full ad with matchup's HERE, as well as a getting started scenario, for those of you who may be just getting started at CVS!! 

ECB Deals:

$3 ECB wyb Oral-B Crossaction power toothbrush 1 ct or brush heads 2 pk $6, Limit 2 
-$3/1 Oral-B Power Brush PG 2/27/11 (in this Sunday's paper!)
-BOGO free Oral B CrossAction Power Battery Toothbrush PG 1/30/2011 (exp 2/28/2011)
-75¢/1 Oral B CrossAction PG 1/30/11(exp 2/28/2011)

**Buy (2), Use (1) BOGO Q & (1) $3/1 Q to get (2) for $3, Get $6 ECB's ! Makes them FREE plus  MONEY MAKER!!! 

$4 ECB wyb Gillette ProGlide power or manual razor 1ct. $9.99 Limit 1
-$4/1 Gillette ProGlide razor PG 1/30/11(exp 2/28/2011)-$4/1 Gillette ProGlide razor PG 2/27/11

$3.29 ECB WYB Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, 4.2 oz., Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste, Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste, 4 oz., Crest Multi-Protection Rinse, 8.4 oz., Scope Outlast Rinse, 4 oz., or Oral-B Satin Floss, 55 yds, 
$3.29, Limit 2
-.75/1 Glide floss 25 m + or picks 30 ct + or Oral-B, PG 1/30 (EXP 02/28), PG 2/27
-$1 off Crest Pro-Health for Me toothpaste, PG 1/30 (EXP 02/28)
-$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, PG 2/27
-$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz + or liquid gel, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
-$1 off Crest toothpaste, PG 1/16 (EXP 02/28)
-$1 off Crest Rinse Pro-Health, 440-500 mL, PG 1/30 (EXP 02/28)

**Buy (2) and use (2) $1 off Q to get 2 for $4.58 plus tax, Get $6.58 in ECB's! Makes them free plus Money Maker!

$2 ECB's WYB 2 Kashi TLC Bars, 6 ct. $3, Limit 1
-$2 Kashi Product Recycle Bank HERE   
**Buy (2) and use (2) $2/1 Q to get 2 for $2 plus tax, Get $3 in ECB's! Makes them FREE plus Money Maker!

Other deals:

Folgers 11.3 oz 2/$5
$1.50/1 printable I posted about HERE
-.25/1 Folgers coffee 7 oz +, singles, or Gourmet Collection K-Cups, RP 2/06/11
**BUY 2 and use 2 $1.50/1 coupons, Makes them $1 each!
Febreze Fabric Refresher, 27 oz., $3.99
-$1 off Febreze Fabric Refresher, P&G Home Mailer, Organize in Style home mailer
-$1 off Febreze Fabric Refresher, PG 2/27

Swiffer WetJet Multi-purpose Cleaner, 1.25 L, Sweeper Wet or Dry Cloths, 12-16 ct., $3.99
-.50/1 Swiffer refill or Dust & Shine, PG 2/27, PG 1/30 (EXP 02/28)
-.50/1 Swiffer refill, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet

My Deal Scenario (I am starting with $4 ECB's):

1st transaction:
(2) Crest Toothpaste $3.29
-use (2) $1/1 MQ
-Use $4 ECB
Pay $.58 plus tax, get $6.58 ECB's

2nd Transaction:
(1) Gillette Proglide razor $9.99
(2) Kashi TLC Bars $3
-use $4 Gillette MQ
-use (2) $2/1 Kashi printables
-use $6.58 in ECB's
Pay $1.41 plus tax, get $7 ECB's

3rd transaction:
(2) Folgers Coffee, $2.50
(1) Wet Jet Multi Purpose Cleaner, $3.99
(2) Oral B Crossaction power toothbrush 1 ct, $6
-use (2) $1.50/1 ANY Folgers Printable
-use $.50/1 Swiffer Refills
-use BOGO FREE Oral B MQ
-use $3/1 Oral B MQ (off the one you are paying for)
-use $7 ECB's
Pay $1.49 plus tax get $3 ECB's (for the Oral B)

4th transaction:
(1) Febreeze Fabric Refresher, $3.99
-use $1 MQ
-use $3 ECB's (cashier will have to adjust to $2.99)
Pay tax!!

So that's 2 crest toothpastes, 2 Oral B toothbrushes, 2 boxes Kashi bars, 1 Gillette razor, 2 Folgers coffees, 1 Wet-Jet Multipurpose cleaner (which I was very much in need of...SO PRAISE THE LORD!!), and 1 Febreeze fabric refresher--which I also needed :) for a TOTAL out of pocket cost of $3.48 plus tax!!!!

Have a question? Leave a comment below!


3RD MONTH OF BUDGET (February 2011)
1/29--CVS--$.52 (shampoo/conditioner)
2/9--Dollar General--$5.67 (corn chips for chili)
2/15--WM--$12.41 (produce/eggs/flour tortillas)
2/17--WM--$11.58 (milk/bananas/produce)
2/18--TARGET--$3.60 (8-$.25 FINISH Gel Tabs 20 ct. dishwasher detergent)
$347.72  SO FAR! 

(had to get a few items BUT got 3 10 lb. bags of sugar bc they were only $3.88--HAD to stock up!!!!)
2/24--Dollar General--$4.09 (milk bc I forgot to get it at WM bc I got excited ab the $3.88 10 lb. bags of sugar!LOL!)

Monthly TOTAL: $427.21 

I'm Still over, BUT I have gotten LOTS to donate and share and I am not going to the grocery store except for NEEDED items and only use a small amount of the budget for stockpiling for the next month! I am going to use items from my pantry and freezer that I have gotten from stockpiling and build my menus and meal plans around that. We'll see how it goes!! I want to get down to $300 per month for groceries and household items, but I also want to keep getting extras to donate as I feel this is very important and that I am called to do this. Maybe I should NOT include donations/extras as part of MY grocery/household budget, but let it have a budget of it's own. What do you all think? If you are reading this, please tell me your thoughts. Thanks!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coupons do not make stores lose money! Find out why-By: Southern Savers

Go HERE to to find out why Coupons & Sales do NOT make stores lose money!

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*FREE* sample Overby Farm dog or cat treat!

to get you free sample!! 
Hint: It's the CHERRIES!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Publix Trip 2/23 Spent $54.05, Saved $208.93!! 79% Savings!

Wondering how I get my Percentage Saved? I use the following equation:

Total Savings / (Total Spent + Total Savings) = % Saved

We had a good shopping trip today! WE did 2 transactions and used 2 $5/$25 purchase Save-A-Lot Competitor coupons. Sign up HERE

Here is what all we got:

 I used the coupons from the sale ad matchup's found HERE
and I had FREE product coupons for the Coffee Mate. I also used the penny item coupon from the Tuscaloosa News for the Publix sandwich cream cookies (like oreos). I also had (2) buy 2 jars classico pasta white sauce get the red sauce free hangtags I found at Target the other night! 
We got lots to stock up on and lots to share!!
Oh, and I am NOT Allowed back to PUBLIX for at least 2 weeks...LOL! 

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

*HOT* Folgers Printable $1.50/1 coupon PRINT NOW for NEXT weeks Sale at CVS!!!

Next week, CVS will have Folgers 11.5 oz. on sale 2/$5! So, with the coupon you will pay $1 each, probably less than that if you have ECB's! I will include this deal in my scenario deal for next week! Go HERE
and put in this zipcode "33760" and print the coupons NOW though, because I don't know how long they will last!!

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*HOT FREEBIE* Parents, Teachers, & Homeschoolers: HURRY grab your *FREE* year of Mighty Book $99 per yr.!!!

ATTENTION: Parents, Teachers and Homeschoolers! This is such an awesome freebie! Go HERE to get a free year of Mighty Book for FREE when you use the code "learntoread". Get it while you can because this is usually $99 per year! 
Thanks, iGoBOGO

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*FREE SAMPLE* Biolage free sample of Matrix Biolage Hydrathérapie Aqua Immersion Créme Masque.

 Go HERE to request your free sample! 
Thanks,  Couponingfor4

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cool Coupon Spreadsheet!

How do you organize your coupons? I don't clip mine out until I need to. I keep all my inserts--SS(Smart Source), RP (Red Plum), GM (General Mills), P&G (Proctor and Gamble)--(I write the date on the front of the insert in black permanent marker) in clear protective sheets in a binder. But, I sometimes forget what coupons are in the inserts. I figured since most of the sites have the coupons matchup's done for you, then I wouldn't really NEED to know, BUT I have let many GOOD coupons slip by that I could have used, even if it was at WM! I do still shop WM for a lot of my grocery needs (milk/bananas/some produce/Great Value shelf items--like sugar!!) believe it or not! 

Well, Q-tipping Mom has a coupon insert spreadsheet


Here is a preview of what it looks like. Click "HERE" above OR click on the Spreadsheet itself, to go to the FULL Spreadsheet!

that is much like the the coupon database

over on Southern Savers, only it's printable and you don't have to look up anything!! So, If you need to quickly check over all the coupons you  have and see if you may have a coupon on an item that you running to the store for, you will have a list of everything! It is sorted by insert date. You can't see it in the screen shot unless you click on it, but she also include the expiration date and plans on keeping it up-to-date with new coupons each week and removing expired coupons!!! Thanks Q-tipping Mom!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

$.25 FINISH Gel Packs 20 ct. @ TARGET!

If you have the $2.25/1 Finish coupon from SS 1/2, You can get CHEAP Dishwasher detergent!!! TARGET has them on price cut for $2.50 through 3/12. (EVEN if they are not marked...Last night they weren't marked at the store that I went to, but I took one to a price checker and it scanned $2.50!)

So, I got 8 boxes (one not pictured-already shared!) for $.25 each! 
It was $3.60 (including tax) for them ALL!
SAVED $28.32! 
That's 89% Savings! 

Publix Trip 2/19--Spent $74.90, Saved $195.33!! 73% Savings!!

Well, we stocked up on pasta sauce and got extras to share. Also, got some cheap frozen pizzas and the rest of the paper plates that I have been waiting to use my rainchecks on! (Every time I went back to the store, they were still out, until today!) Got stocked back up on green beans, though I'll be getting even more next week as they will still be BOGO! 

Okay here is what all we purchased today:
What I paid per item after coupons in (  )!
 (1) Simply OJ ($2)
(1) Eat Smart Broccoli ($1)
(1) Strawberries ($2.99)
(4) Propel 6pk. ($.75 ea!)
(2) Lipton Tea 100 ct. ($1 ea!)
(5) Hefty paper plates ($1.50 ea.!)
(8) Ronzoni Quick cook pasta ($.20 ea.!)
(4) Nabisco Graham crackers ($1 ea!)
(4) Aunt Jemima Pancakes/french toast ($.85 ea!)
(2) Carnation Evaporated milk ($.50 ea!)
(4) Wishbone Dressing (FREE)
 (1) Wacky Mac ($.20)
(20) Green Giant Green Beans ($.39 ea!)
(40) Bertolli Pasta Sauce ($.65 ea!)

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