Monday, February 21, 2011

Cool Coupon Spreadsheet!

How do you organize your coupons? I don't clip mine out until I need to. I keep all my inserts--SS(Smart Source), RP (Red Plum), GM (General Mills), P&G (Proctor and Gamble)--(I write the date on the front of the insert in black permanent marker) in clear protective sheets in a binder. But, I sometimes forget what coupons are in the inserts. I figured since most of the sites have the coupons matchup's done for you, then I wouldn't really NEED to know, BUT I have let many GOOD coupons slip by that I could have used, even if it was at WM! I do still shop WM for a lot of my grocery needs (milk/bananas/some produce/Great Value shelf items--like sugar!!) believe it or not! 

Well, Q-tipping Mom has a coupon insert spreadsheet


Here is a preview of what it looks like. Click "HERE" above OR click on the Spreadsheet itself, to go to the FULL Spreadsheet!

that is much like the the coupon database

over on Southern Savers, only it's printable and you don't have to look up anything!! So, If you need to quickly check over all the coupons you  have and see if you may have a coupon on an item that you running to the store for, you will have a list of everything! It is sorted by insert date. You can't see it in the screen shot unless you click on it, but she also include the expiration date and plans on keeping it up-to-date with new coupons each week and removing expired coupons!!! Thanks Q-tipping Mom!

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