Friday, February 25, 2011


3RD MONTH OF BUDGET (February 2011)
1/29--CVS--$.52 (shampoo/conditioner)
2/9--Dollar General--$5.67 (corn chips for chili)
2/15--WM--$12.41 (produce/eggs/flour tortillas)
2/17--WM--$11.58 (milk/bananas/produce)
2/18--TARGET--$3.60 (8-$.25 FINISH Gel Tabs 20 ct. dishwasher detergent)
$347.72  SO FAR! 

(had to get a few items BUT got 3 10 lb. bags of sugar bc they were only $3.88--HAD to stock up!!!!)
2/24--Dollar General--$4.09 (milk bc I forgot to get it at WM bc I got excited ab the $3.88 10 lb. bags of sugar!LOL!)

Monthly TOTAL: $427.21 

I'm Still over, BUT I have gotten LOTS to donate and share and I am not going to the grocery store except for NEEDED items and only use a small amount of the budget for stockpiling for the next month! I am going to use items from my pantry and freezer that I have gotten from stockpiling and build my menus and meal plans around that. We'll see how it goes!! I want to get down to $300 per month for groceries and household items, but I also want to keep getting extras to donate as I feel this is very important and that I am called to do this. Maybe I should NOT include donations/extras as part of MY grocery/household budget, but let it have a budget of it's own. What do you all think? If you are reading this, please tell me your thoughts. Thanks!

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