Monday, March 7, 2011

Sending Expired coupons to our Troops!!!

I am clipping expired coupons today to send over to the Troops. Did you know? They get a 6 mo. extension on the expiration date! So, don't throw YOUR expired coupons out. Send them over to them. I promise you, they are GREATLY appreciated!
First, I cut them out and separated them into 2 stacks--food and non-food:
Then, I added up the total and bagged them up labeling and writing the total on the front of the bags:

Last, I packed them inside a small flat rate priority mail shipping box:

Shipping is $4.95, but so worth it!!! Don't you think??? This is my first time doing this, but I will continue to send my expired coupons! Will you?? If you have been doing this already and you have any tips for us who are new to this, feel free to leave a comment!! Thanks!


  1. Hey! What's the address to send them to? I have tons I could send over!

  2. Ooopps, I saw the link now. Thank a bunch Holly!


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