Monday, April 18, 2011

NOT Every shopping trip goes as planned!

So I went to both CVS and Publix today! I am now WORN out!! Anywho...I had problems at both stores today, BUT I am not complaining (too!) I still LOVE both stores and will continue to shop and save tons!!

I went to CVS first and this is what I had planned on getting:

(1) GE Energy Smart light bulb, $2.99, get $2 ECB's
-Use $1 MQ
(1) Schick Intuition razor $8.99, get $4 ECB's
-Use $3 IP
(1) Easter grass $.99, get $.99 ECB's
(1) Edge shave gel $3.29, get $2.30 ECB's
-Use $.55 MQ

-Use $10 ECB's from trip the other day

Pay $2.62, get $9.29 in ECB's

This is what I actually got:

(1) Schick Intuition razor $8.99, get $4 ECB's
-Used $3 MQ IP from FB
(1) Edge Shave gel $2.87, no ECB's ( I either go the wrong kind or it didn't ring up correctly.)
-Used $.55 MQ
(1) GE energy smart bulb (NOT pictured) $2.99, get $2 ECB's
-Used $1 MQ
(1) Easter grass $.79, no ECB's...They didn't have the $.99, get $.99 ECB's kind :(
(1) Mini nail files $.74

-Used $10 ECB's from trip last week.

Total: $2.40
-$1.24 (This is what I had left on a Master card debit gift card I received from doing a rebate a while back!)
Total Spent OOP: $1.16, received $7 ECB's

So even though they didn't have all the products that I went in after, I still got a lot of stuff for cheap and still have ECB's to roll next week! This is the keep rolling your ECB's from week to week. This is how you get the most savings! How did you all do this week? Find any great deals and want to share? Leave a comment below!


  1. Hey! Great job! I'm still building ECB's so I spent a little more than you;) I spent 22, saved 76, and left with 6 ECB's. I was happy because I got lots of "needs" including the Nieva body washes. If u shopped in Centreville CVS I got the last of the shave gel :( sorry!

    If u don't mind...share what happened at Publix because I'm going tomorrow! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing! Did you post it? I'll have to go check :-) Publix wasn't too bad, mostly my fault...I posted ab it yesterday, too! But here is the link:


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