Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I just ordered a 128 ct. Huggies Diapers for $3.39 (including shipping) thru!

First of all, I am not by any means boasting about my savings, but I want to show YOU how you can save money on diapers through many ways. I have bought a lot of diapers in the past from using coupon codes and $5 amazon gift cards I earned from swagbucks. Don't know about swagbucks yet? Swagbucks is an on-line search portal you can use to do all your searching needs and win points (or swagbucks). You can then redeem those points for valuable items or gift cards. My favorite is the $5 giftcard. It only takes 450 swagbucks to redeem, and believe me, the swagbucks add up fast! Go on, go HERE and get started today and you will be well on your way to earning BIG! By the way, you do not have to use your redeemed $5 giftcard on diapers...they sell EVERYTHING!!! You can see all the details about the method in the post HERE.

There haven't been any coupon codes in baby magazines for a couple months, though, and I'm not sure when they'll bring them back. I have been redeeming my swagbucks for $5 giftcards in order to save on my diaper purchases. However, At the present moment, I do not have any of the gift cards left and I have been looking for alternative ways to save on my diaper purchases.

Have you joined PAMPERS Gifts to Grow program? You can add codes into your account and redeem for prizes or gift certificates. There happens to be a $10 gift certificate for 1000 points. You don't have to BUY pampers products to get points. There are codes that are available through facebook and other promotions throughout the month. Check out Baby Good Buys HERE and follow her for updates on new codes. (I would sign up to receive her emails--You will never miss a code!)

Okay, so I had a lot of points because my kids are 1 and 4 and I have never redeemed any of my points. I had over 2,000 points in my account and I redeemed those for 2 $10 gift certificates. (By the way, I redeemed them yesterday and the codes were sent to my email TODAY!) had a promotion going on a couple weeks ago and I used a coupon code from their website which gave me 20% off for 3 months. The code was DIAPERS20PCT and I am unsure if it still available, but you can try it. You can also check RetailMeNot HERE for other coupon codes. (You enter the coupon code after you have added the item you want to your cart and click "checkout.")
There are also e-coupons available for some items. There is a $2 Huggies coupon available now and all I had to do was click the little box (which left a checkmark) located under the product description and it automatically subtracted it from the total in my cart. 

Also, I had $6 in my PayPal account from doing surveys for PINECONE RESEARCH. I don't think they are taking applications now, but keep an eye out for this one because you get paid $3 for every survey you do! I get 2-3 surveys a week!

I could not have possibly explained the following without all the background information. Here is how I did my transaction today through spending only $3.39! 

I searched Huggies Little Movers size 3 in the search box of I found the "best" deal (in my opinion), the 128 count bonus giant case for

- $2.00 e-coupon = $32.99
 - $6.60 (20% coupon code)= $26.39
+ $2.99 Shipping = $29.39
 -$10 gift certificate = $19.39
-$10 gift certificate = $9.39

 I completed my checked out through PayPal and I had $6 in my account from doing 2 surveys. It used the $6 and took the rest out of my bank account, which was $3.39! 

(By the way, if you make a purchase from through swagbucks, you get 2 swagbucks per dollar spent!)

I also use MY POINTS to get points to redeem for gift cards!

So there you have it! I know this was A LOT of information and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have, just leave a comment below! =)

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