Friday, July 29, 2011

34 EASY Swagbucks!

1. Go HERE to the swagbucks homepage.

(New to Swagbucks? Go HERE to sign up and be well on your way to earning BIG!) Also, check out Swagbucks 101 (tab at the top of page!)

2. Click the Oscar Mayer slideshow similar to the one pictured above near the middle of the page(try refreshing the page if it doesn’t show up!)

3. Click "Continue" and follow steps to enter sweeepstakes.

Thanks, Coupon Pro Blog!

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  1. Hey. Did it give them to you right away? I sign-up for Oscar Mayer then nothing. Does it take a while?

  2. Got them. Sorry took some time. Thanks. Looks like everyone has a delay. Swagbucks are new to me.

  3. Good! I love swagbucks! I have always gotten my sb from doing the offers! Thanks for visiting! :D


Have a question? Leave a comment below!