Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emailing Companies for coupons!

Did you know that companies LOVE feedback about there products from their consumers??? They do!! Sometimes, you can't find coupons for the products used most in your home. That's why you should take a few minutes every week and email the companies of your favorite products and compliment on how that product has changed your life or how it has been in your family for years...etc. or, maybe you have a complaint. Companies want to know that we (the consumers) are satisfied with their products! I sent out emails today to the following companies and complimented their products:

~Stauffer's (Animal crackers, cheese Whale crackers-my kids LOVE these!) contact form HERE

~Tombstone Pizza (or any other Nestle products) -Contact Form HERE

~Quaker - Contact Form HERE

~Welch's (fruit snacks-my kiddos LOVE these, too!) - Contact form HERE

Also, Couponing to Disney has a huge 5 a day Spreadsheet email list HERE with direct links to other companies! 

If you can't find one your favorite product listed, google it (or Swagbucks it!) and you will probably find a "Contact us" link somewhere on their website or try calling the 1-800 # on the back of the product! I have done this in the past and received great coupons and/or recipe booklets!! 

 Please, leave a comment below if:
  1. You are interested in me posting new companies to email every week.
  2. You want updates on what I received from emailing companies.
  3. You plan on emailing these companies or your favorites to see what you receive.
  4. You have had success or failure with emailing companies in the past.

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