Thursday, September 8, 2011

Publix Trip 9/7 - Spent $50.94, Saved $107.53 - 68% Savings

Wondering how I get my Percentage Saved? I use the following equation:

Total Savings / (Total Spent + Total Savings) = % Saved

This was definitely a freezer stock-up trip! My brother-in-law gave us his deep freeze to use and I am so taking advantage of it...LOL! I have started a small stockpile and hope to add a little bit to it every week! I already have a small stockpile of dry boxed items (cereal, boxed potatoes, pasta, pasta sauce, crackers, juice boxes...etc.) So, now I can work on filling up my freezer! =) We had an awesome trip to Publix tonight! I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to save money on our groceries and I feel like He has called me to share this knowledge with others! I hope that my posting my trips every week is not coming across as if I am boasting! I like to SHOW you how I got the deals, so that you can SEE how it works and soon be on YOUR way to saving money at the grocery store. I am working on a Publix Couponing 101 series of posts that will feature in depth knowledge on how coupons work and how they stack to get you maximum savings! As for now, here is what all we got from this grocery run with the breakdown of the coupons I used for each item:


SS - Smart Source (Sunday paper Insert), RP - Red Plum (Sunday Paper Insert), MQ - Manufacturer Coupon, IP-Internet Printable Coupon, WYB- When You Buy, NLA-No Longer Available 

*Things to remember when shopping PUBLIX (Northport, AL):
  • When and item is Bogo, you DO NOT have to buy 2, they are 1/2 price.
  • You CAN use one MQ plus one STORE coupon per item.
  • Publix doubles MQ up to and including $.50!

(4) Digiorno pizzas + side 2/$12 ($6 ea.)
-Used (2) $3/2 MQ (Found on Tearpad. A friend came across some and grabbed me 2. Thanks, Amelia!)
*MADE them $4.50 ea.!*

Here's the math:
     2 Pizzas
x $6 
- $3 MQ
  $9 divided by 2 Pizzas = $4.50 ea.

(2) Minute Maid Coolers 3/$5 ($1.67 ea.)
-Used (2) $1/1 MQ IP HERE - NLA =(
*MADE them $.67 ea.!*

(2) LouAna Canola oil BOGO $3.99 ($2 ea.)
-Used $.50/1 MQ IP HERE -sign up and they will send you an email with a link to the coupon, can print twice! =)
*MADE them $1 ea.!*

(1) Glad odor shield bags $5.99
-Used $1 off Glad bags TARGET IP HERE
*MADE them $4.99!*

(2) T.G.I. Friday's Entree for one 4/$10 ($2.50 ea.)
-Used (2) $1/1 MQ 8/14 SS
-STACKED with (2) $1/1 PUBLIX Q (found in Toss4Cash Heinz Booklet)
*MADE them $.50 ea.!*

(1) Kraft Easy Mac $2.50
(1) Publix brand easy mac $2.79
-automatically subtracted $2.79 (Publix Buy Theirs Get Ours Promotion Week Of 9/8)
 *MADE them $1.25 ea.!*

(2) Mott's for Tots Juice $2.99 ea.
-Used (1) $1/1 MQ Vocalpoint mailer
-Used (1) $.55/1 Vocalpoint mailer
-STACKED with (2) $1/1 PUBLIX Q (found in Big Deals for Babies Booklet)
*MADE them $1.22 ea.!*

Publix Milk $3.99

Grapes $2.47

Plums $.97

(2) Nature Made Vitamin D $6.49
(1) Nature Made Vitamin D $3.99
(1) Nature Made B12 Vitamin $7.69
-Used (4) $1/1 Nature Made MQ IP HERE
-STACKED with (2) $6/2 PUBL:IX Q (Green Advantage Buy Flyer)
*Made them $2.17 ea.!*

(2) Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers 10/$10 ($1 ea.)
-Used Buy one get one FREE PUBLIX Q Publix Baby Club mailer
*MADE them $.50 ea.!*

(1) Oscar Mayer Selects Wieners 2/$5 ($2.50 ea.)
-Used FREE product MQ (Received in the mail from a promotion. I can't remember which one.)
*MADE them FREE!*

**Now for the Ore-Ida Deal. This was a bit confusing, but I will do my best to simplify it! I had several coupons from different sources. 

Here is what I got:

(2) Ore-Ida Steam and Mash 2/$6 (on sale in Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer)

(2) Ore-Ida 32 oz. Frozen Fries $3.75 (reg. price)

(1) Ore-Ida onion rings $3.75 (reg. price)

(1) Ore-Ida Tater Tots $3.75 (reg. price)

(2) Heinz Gravy (in jar) $1.67 ea.

Total: $24.34

Here are the STORE coupons I used:

(2) Buy 2, Get 1 Free PUBLIX Q (Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer)
- $3.75 (onion rings)
- *$3.00 (tater tots)
*this should have been $3.75, not complaining though =)

(2) $2 off 32 oz. Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes PUBLIX Q (found in Toss4Cash Heinz Booklet)
-$4 (32 oz. frozen fries)

(2) $2 off wyb BOTH Ore-Ida Steam and Mash & Heinz gravy PUBLIX Q (found in Toss4Cash Heinz Booklet)
-$4 (steam and mash & gravy)

Here are the MQ I STACKED with the Q's above:

(1) $.50 off  Ore-Ida Onion product MQ(received in the mail from e-mailing the company!)

(1) $.75 off any Ore-Ida frozen product MQ (received in the mail from e-mailing the company!)

(1) $1/3 Ore-Ida products MQ 8/21 SS 
The total comes to $6.84 
(for 2 jars gravy + 6 bags frozen potatoes/onion rings! =)

I did 3 transactions totaling at least $25 (before q's) and I used (3) $5/$25 Save-A-Lot $5 Coupon on Facebook

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