Saturday, December 31, 2011

Publix trip 12/30 Spent $69.29 and Saved $96.17 - 58% Savings!

Wondering how I get my Percentage Saved? I use the following equation:

Total Savings / (Total Spent + Total Savings) = % Saved

*Things to remember when shopping PUBLIX (AL):
  • When and item is Bogo, you DO NOT have to buy 2, they are 1/2 price.
  • You CAN use one MQ plus one STORE coupon per item. 
  • Publix takes competitor Q's (find out which stores YOUR Publix considers  Competitors)
  • Publix doubles MQ, but not STORE q's, up to and including $.50!

  • Be sure to check Southern Savers & I Heart Publix
    for coupon matchup's!

  • Pretty good trip this week!

    Here is the pic:

    Here is the breakdown:

    (4) Sundown vit. $3.59 ea. (reg. price)
    -Used (4) $3/1 PUBLIX coupon found in green adv. flyer (ended yesterday--Go HERE to and click on "Adv. Buy Flyers" tab to see the new one that starts today.)
    -STACKED with (4) $1/1 Man. coupon found in 12/11 RP

    $3.59 x 4 = $14.36 - Publix q's ($12) - Man. q's ($4) =  -$1.64 

    *MADE them FREE + $1.64 Overage! =)

    (2) Nature Made Vit. $4.29 ea. (reg. price)
    -Used (1) $6/2 PUBLIX coupon found in green adv. flyer (ended yesterday--Go HERE to and click on "Adv. Buy Flyers" tab to see the new one that starts today.)
    -STACKED with (2) $2/1 Man. q's (These were found on the product, you peel them off, so they are called peelies.)

    $4.29 x 2 = $8.58 - Publix q ($6) - Man. q's ($4) = -$1.42

    *MADE them FREE + $1.42 Overage! =)

    (1) Crispix cereal $4.09 (There was a Man. coupon peelie on these which stated FREE crispix cereal, up to $3.99, when you buy 2 boxes Cheez It's. The Cheez It's are BOGO $3.69 this week!)
    -USED Buy 2 Cheez It's, get FREE box of Crispix, up to $3.99 Man. q
    *Made them $.10!*

    (2) Cheez It's - BOGO $3.69 ($1.84 ea.)

    (8) Green Giant canned veggies 4 pks. - BOGO $4.99 ($2.50 ea.)
    -Used (4) $.50/2 Man. Q found in 11/13 GM
    *MADE them $.50 per can!!*

    (4) Pace Salsa - BOGO $2.79 ($1.39 ea.)
    -Used (2) $.50/2 Man. q printable - NLA =(
    *MADE them $.90 ea.!*

    (6) Solo Cups BOGO $3.29 ($1.65 ea.)
    -Used (3) $1/2 PUBLIX q found in "Winter Family Savings" Booklet. Publix puts out coupon booklets regularly and are usually available at the entrance to the store, but sometimes they are located at the service desk. Go HERE to to see what booklets you need to be on the look out for when you shop! 
    If you didn't get this booklet and your store accepts TARGET as a competitor, you can use the printable HERE. It expires today, though!
    -STACKED with (6) $.75/1 Man. q found in 12/4 SS. There is a printable HERE.
    *MADE them $.40 ea.!*

    (2) Kraft Shredded Cheese BOGO $3.99 ($1.99 ea.!)

    (2) College Inn Broth carton BOGO $2.59 ($1.29 ea.!)

    5 lb. bag potatoes $2.50!

    Strawberries $3!

    Fresh Express Shredded lettuce $1.29!

    Publix bagged salad $2!

    Glory Collards $1!

    Tortilla Chips $2!

    Publix Black eye peas $1.19!

    Chuck roast $9.74

    2 lbs. ground chuck $8.10 YIKES!!!!!!

    We will be sharing some of the canned veggies this week! I hope you all have a great week and a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR!! We plan on saving and sharing even more in the coming year! Won't you join us? 



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