Saturday, February 19, 2011

Publix Trip 2/19--Spent $74.90, Saved $195.33!! 73% Savings!!

Well, we stocked up on pasta sauce and got extras to share. Also, got some cheap frozen pizzas and the rest of the paper plates that I have been waiting to use my rainchecks on! (Every time I went back to the store, they were still out, until today!) Got stocked back up on green beans, though I'll be getting even more next week as they will still be BOGO! 

Okay here is what all we purchased today:
What I paid per item after coupons in (  )!
 (1) Simply OJ ($2)
(1) Eat Smart Broccoli ($1)
(1) Strawberries ($2.99)
(4) Propel 6pk. ($.75 ea!)
(2) Lipton Tea 100 ct. ($1 ea!)
(5) Hefty paper plates ($1.50 ea.!)
(8) Ronzoni Quick cook pasta ($.20 ea.!)
(4) Nabisco Graham crackers ($1 ea!)
(4) Aunt Jemima Pancakes/french toast ($.85 ea!)
(2) Carnation Evaporated milk ($.50 ea!)
(4) Wishbone Dressing (FREE)
 (1) Wacky Mac ($.20)
(20) Green Giant Green Beans ($.39 ea!)
(40) Bertolli Pasta Sauce ($.65 ea!)

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