Friday, September 23, 2011

Couponing Lesson 2: Choose Your Store

I know that in Lesson 1, I covered a lot about Publix. That's because that's where I shop and I wanted to share everything I have learned from shopping there. Now, you DON'T have to shop Publix if you favor a different store, the main thing is to find a store that doubles manufacturer coupons. There are several stores in Alabama to choose from. Working Mom Coupons has a list by location HERE

After you choose your store, you should learn the store's policy regarding doubling coupons and stacking (combining a STORE coupon and Manufacturer coupon on same item.) You need to find out whether or not they have limits on the number of on-sale items that you can purchase in a single transaction. You need to find out if they accept competitor coupons and if so, what stores they consider a competitor. Find out if they have any Club's or a Saving's card program and be sure you get signed up to every incentive program that the store provides! 

You CAN NOT learn all this in a week, or even a month! Don't try! It takes time to learn a completely new way of shopping. I would set aside $5 - $10 dollars to go do small trips the first couple of weeks. When you go to the store, you can ask questions and learn as you go. All I ask is that you learn and abide by the coupon rules of the store. Never try to "get one over" on the store because they will not be reimbursed for fraudulent coupons or coupons used on the wrong items. 

Never copy coupons, this is illegal! Internet coupons usually limit you to 2 per computer, but there have been times that I could print up to 8 per computer. I printed every one of them, though, NO COPIES! 

After you choose your store and have your $5 - $10 set aside, you need to get your list ready. Southern Savers covers almost every grocery store  in the south:

Harris Teeter
Lowes Foods
Food Lion
Food City

Jenny over at Southern Savers will have the sales ad complete with coupon matchup's available for you each week. Yes, she gives you each item in the ad and tells you what coupons are available for the item. She even gives you an estimated cost of the item after the coupon is used! She does all the work for you! All you have to do is check her out each week! I always get the FREE items, especially if I can get overage to cover other items in my cart! I stock up on items that are at a great price that week that my family uses often. I also get my usual grocery items (milk, bread, produce...etc.) that I need for the week. Choose the items you want to purchase, gather your coupons, and head to the store! 

Do your shopping and head to the checkout! If you have a FREE product coupon, place this/these items on the belt LAST and hand over the FREE product(s) coupon(s) first. That way the cashier doesn't have to go searching through the transaction to find out how much the item was and this will also speed up checkout experience! If you have a "Money off purchase" coupon, hand it over next. Keep in mind that some stores will not take this type of coupon before your other coupons are entered. For example, I can spend $25 worth BEFORE coupons at Publix and I can use one of these on top of other coupons. Some stores will want you to have $25 total AFTER the other coupons have been entered. Then, hand over any STORE and Competitor coupons. Lastly, hand over the manufacturer coupons. I hand over all my coupons at once, but they are stacked in this order. Watch your total drop and be amazed at the money you saved in this one shopping trip! 

This is a good start! I hope this has been helpful to you if you have a question about something feel free to ask away! That's what I'm here for! HAPPY SHOPPING! =)

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