Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 End of the Year Budgeting Total + New Goals for Next Year!

Well, the end of my ONE year of keeping track of every penny has come to an end! I have been keeping track of my monthly grocery/household budget for a whole year! 

Here are the Monthly Totals:

Dec. $405.17
Jan. $467.88
Feb. $427.21
Mar. $356.18
Apr. $267.50
May $562.36
Jun. $537.95
July $348.43
Aug. $386.13
Sept. $551.62
Oct.  $478.99
Nov. $455.22

TOTAL: $4,706.52

My weekly average comes to $90.51! NOT TOO SHABBY! I am, however, going to set a NEW budgeting goal for the coming year! I will continue to keep track of my receipts and I encourage you to also set a goal for your family's budget. Remember saving money takes a little work and practice. You CAN purchase food and household items for your household at a fraction of what retail WANTS you to pay! You can also AFFORD to buy healthy (not so inexpensive) food for your family because of all the savings you are getting on the other items (cereal, canned foods, pasta, etc.) 

Remember to always share your abundance with those around you! The Lord will guide you in where HE wants you to take your donations! We have been helping out family and taking extras to the church pantry. Money has been tight, but I still give when I have extras! I am also setting a Giving Goal this year! I plan to give something out of my grocery trips each and every week, even if it's only one product! 

I have begun to stock my freezer with healthy (frozen veggies) and not so healthy (frozen pizzas, hot wings, appetizers) foods to curb off the urge to run out and get fast food. Instead, we run to the freezer when we need a quick, mess-free meal! This will save us a ton of money! I look forward to the next year of keeping track of my budget and seeing if I can meet my goals! 

Goal for the next year:

I want to spend $85 per week OR $4,420 for the year! 

I will put the extra $5 per week/$20 per month into savings!

Are you setting any goals for your family's budget for the coming year? Please leave a comment and share with us how you plan on saving and giving in the coming year! I will be praying for my financial and giving goals and your financial and giving goals! I know that where there is a will, there is a way!

 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."-Phil. 4:13

May you all have a blessed week!


  1. I didn't keep track this year, but you have inspired me! Well done!!

  2. Thanks! And Good Luck to you on your journey to save more at the grocery store! =) LMK if I can be of any help!


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