Saturday, December 17, 2011

CVS Trip 12/17 Spent $22.24 Saved $69.93 ~ 76% Savings!!!

So, I went to CVS today to use my raincheck from the other week. It was for the Spend $30, get a $10 gift card deal. I also scanned my Extra Care Card at the Coupon scanner and it shot out a ton of coupons! My favorite was the $.99 Zhu zhu pet. I picked up a bag of combos, which were $2, get $2 ECB's, and I got some candy I needed for the kiddos to make Graham Cracker Gingerbread houses.

Here is the pic:

I did 3 transactions.

1st transaction:
My Raincheck (Spend $30, get $10 gift card) from last week:
(4) Tide 50 oz. $5.94
(2) Kraft Easy Mac

Coupons Used:
 (4) -$2/1 MQ
(2) $1/1 MQ

-Used $10 Giftcard I received from Olay/Covergirl Rebate

Paid $11.33, received $10 ECB's (They substituted $10 Extra Care bucks in place of the gift card!)

2nd Transaction:
(1) Combos $2, Get $2 ECB's

Paid $2.18, received $2 ECB's

3rd transaction:
(2) 22 oz. Christmas candy $2.50 ea.
(4) Candy Canes $1 ea.
(1) Candy corn (to make Snowmen Donuts)
(2) Jet Dry $2.99 ea.
(1) Zhu Zhu pet $9.88
(1) Cracker tub $1
(1) Dippers Snack $1
(1) Peppermint Patties $1 (my indulgence!)

Coupons Used:
(1) -$8.89 ($.99 Zhu Zhu pet CVS coupon!)
-$2 ECB's
-$10 ECB's

Paid $8.73

And to top all this off, When I got home our sweet neighbor GAVE us a T.V.! It's an old t.v., but such a blessing for our girls! Their t.v. had gone out and we haven't been able to replace it, yet. How awesome is that?!?! God is awesome and I am so thankful that there are people that still CARE about others. I am going to repay her by doing the same thing with my kids' used (in good condition) toys! Instead of yard selling them, I'm going to just give them away to a stranger in need. I am not tooting my own horn, just keeping the good deed going! See what good you can do for someone else this week, and then the next, and then the next! Let's start a Good Deed Revolution. And don't just do it to be recognized, in fact, do it in the most discreet way. 

Mat. 6:4 
" that your giving may be in secret..."

We shouldn't do things for others expecting anything in return, we should do it with a pure and sincere heart! 

2 Cor. 9:7
"So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver."

May God bless you all and may you have a glorious Holiday with your families! 


from my family to yours!


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